Finding Freedom in dance by KeAnna

This is a small part of her story, that you may not know

Finding Freedom in dance by KeAnna Kae Flores Cyphers Squad
Cyphers Squad

By Tiffany Nelson, Deer Valley High School

Deer Valley, AZ – On the surface, hip-hop is a mixture of breaking, popping and locking to stylistic, rhythmic music, but for some, it is so much more than that. KeAnna Flores, a junior at Deer Valley High School, has taken hip hop to a whole new level. For Flores, hip-hop is not just a choreographed danced, but something that has come to be a major part of her life and who she is.

Flores was always drawn to dance, and when she was a kid, she went to a beginner studio-styled hip hop choreography class at Hip-Hop Workshop. “I wasn’t really as deep into [hip hop] then because that was just choreography. So it was basically restricting freedom from dance, and giving me only watered down Hip-Hop inspired movement, when all along I was born to be around the real stuff, popping, freestyle, surrounded by real music, people, MCs, DJs, and graffiti artists,” said Flores.

When she lost her father to cancer, Flores quit dancing and did not know if she would ever return to it. One day during her freshman year, Flores saw a dance video, and the passion she had for hip-hop as a child was instantly rekindled.

Freshman year was the time when Flores started going to hip-hop classes directed towards middle school students. Sophomore year, a friend introduced Flores to the hip-hop spot of Arizona, Cyphers, the Center for Urban Arts. There, Flores became obsessed and began learning the history and the true meaning of hip hop.

Flores said, “Hip hop saved me more than anything. I’m not around much family. It’s just me and my ma down here in Arizona, so when the community took me in as family and gave me a future, I just don’t even know how to put into words what it did for me. Music and people gave me purpose again.”

From a kid two-stepping around her house to a teen popping her way across battle stages, Flores has been in 23 hip hop battles since December 2012 and performs a few times each month. Flores has made it to the semi-finals and the finals a few times, and won a light-weight battle. “I much rather prefer being the one most remembered at a battle, then the one winning one,” said Flores.

Flores also teaches the hip hop club at Deer Valley High School and choreographs some of the routines for the dance shows on campus. She is also starting a program to introduce hip hop to those that lost loved ones, like she did.

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